what we believe in that shape our norms and culture

We empower local businesses.
We understand our customers and deliver future-oriented IT to drive their success.    

IT is our passion.
We are professionals. We strive to excel and we have what it takes. DC is a place where great people accomplish great things.    

               Growth and foresight underpin our success.
We are able to build a sound future for DC by pursuing sustained profitability. An EBT margin of 5 per cent or more gives us the freedom to invest while safeguarding our security and independence.    

               We aspire to lead the market.
We focus on IT markets where we can carve out a leading position.  


Who we are

IT Professionals backed by extensive experience and expertise in future-proof IT architecture, we value traditional infrastructures just as highly as current trends like digitalisation, cloud computing, modern workplace, security and IT-as-a-Service.What is it that drives company success and motivates employees? For us, the answer is clear: a vision.Visions are gleaming aspirations calling out to us, encouraging and inspiring us. What starts out as a far-away guiding star eventually becomes a goal whose achievement is well within our reach.

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What we do

Whether you’re a midsized business, large corporation or public-sector organisation, you can count on us as a forward-facing partner offering a blend of direct IT product sales and extensive systems integration services. We’ll help you obtain everything you need, wherever you need it locally.

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